In the Spring of 1892, Daniel Hayden completed the construction of his family home atop a hill with sweeping views of Marin County’s mountains and bay. Shortly after completion the local press reported, “the new residence on the hill of Daniel Hayden has a timeless appearance”- a statement which holds true to this day.

In the late 1930’s, the residence opened as a successful restaurant called Maison Marin. Shortly after World War II, KGO broadcasted during Sunday Brunch from the Hilltop. In the 1950’s, it became the Hilltop Coffee Shop. In the late 1970’s it re-opened as The Hilltop Café, which was one of the most popular restaurants in Marin County for thirty years.

Today the historic estate celebrates its heritage with the name Hilltop 1892. The estate has been fully restored, still has a timeless appearance, and welcomes guests to enjoy the views and a California Country menu.