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Carey Lefebvre Says:
Awesome place for a lunch or nice dinner with the wife or professional get together! Truly a great place. Food is eclectic and delicious. Staff is five-star. Prices are surprisingly moderate. And the style, atmosphere and VIEWS are amazing. I can't say enough good stuff about Hilltop restaurant. If you're nearby this is a great place to check out
Derek Williams Says:
Only been here once but it was pretty bad. Took 45 minutes before our order was taken. I got a reuban that was worse than hop monk's which is saying something; dry bread, low quantity of ingredients, slapped on there with all the sauerkraut clumped in the middle. The reason I'm giving it three stars is because the appetizers I tried were fine (shrimp, calamari) and the view is pretty nice. I could see people wanting to go there for (way overpriced) drinks and appetizers to hang out and watch the sunset.
Blair Auld Says:
The service was great. We go to the hilltop several times a year. Unfortunately the dinner was disappointing. My wife and father had the fish. It was incredibly dry and the vegetables were cold. We aren't the complaining type but dinner with as not good this time around.
Jason Murray Says:
The meals were pretty good but nothing to write home about however, you don't go there for the food - you go for the view, which is utterly spectacular. Add some flair to the food and this will become a destination one can't miss.
Rustin Groody Says:
The thing to know about Hilltop is that it's a place that you go on purpose. It's up a quiet road, at the top of a hill (imagine that) all by its lonesome. It's not in the middle of nowhere, but it's also not going to be a casual stop as part of a shopping trip. And that's just fine. It's a bit on the pricey side, true enough, and that can sometimes put a person in the mindset that it's just a place for overfancy dinner. Honestly, if all you thought about Hilltop is that it's a place for date night or a special occasion, you're still making a good choice. But really take a moment to read over all their menus and their hours. Here's my big suggestion: go there for happy hour. Sure, every chain restaurant within 50 miles can give you a wheelbarrow of wings and beer for a cheap price, that's easy. What's a bit more difficult is finding ways to make happy hour into a wholly different experience. Take a couple of friends, people that you like talking to, get a table in the bar area. Have a couple of fine cocktails, share some starters (*cough* lettuce cups *cough*) and tell some stories to each other. And make sure to look out the big windows while the sun goes down over the town. I think you'll find that you won't have spent nearly as much as you might have thought. I think you'll also find that your evening feels a whole lot brighter, too, almost like magic.

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