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Ann Ruengvivatpant Says:
We passed by this place all the time and never noticed the entrance up the hill. We were able to make reservations online 1 hour in advance for a Friday dinner, which was great for a last-minute date night. We appreciated the flowers while driving up the slope and appreciated the setting sun. (It's not called Hilltop for no reason!) The service and ambiance was fabulous-- I just wish the food were the same. My partner got the pot roast. Presentation was done very well, served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and garnished with baby carrots and deliciously fried parsnip ribbons. I ordered one of the specials-- a 12 oz NY strip with mashed potatoes and green beans-- to go along with a glass of merlot. I couldn't legitimately complain about the steak because it was the perfect shade of medium-rare pink, but it was strangely chewy for how it was cooked (even though the server wanted to make sure I liked it). It was chewiest medium-rare steak I've had, but maybe that's how some people like it. After seeing the bill, I wondered whether I should have requested something I would have enjoyed more. The service was so accommodating that I would have been surprised if that had been a problem. Total for the two entrees and a glass of wine was almost $100 after tax and tip. Glad we came but probably won't be back for more dinners. Maybe we'll come again just for drinks and dessert next time!
Lisa Nunes Says:
My daughter and son-in-law took us to this wonderful and unexpected Hilltop 1892 Restaurant to celebrate my 65th birthday! What a fantastic choice! The views, the ambiance and the dinner couldn’t have been better! But the Staff were over-the-top friendly! When my 5-year-old grandson wanted to make suggestions for improvement, such as adding orange crayons to color Garfield, the Cat, and having cotton candy on top of the cake, the attentive waitress listened then brought the Manager, Marco , over to our table. He listened intently for several minutes, then told my Grandson he was hired and could start next Tuesday at 11!!! Then besides the delicious chocolate dessert they served me, they also gave me a hand-written card with a little Gift! What a fun and memorable experience for all of us!!! Thank you Hilltop 1982!
Jenny Casey Says:
One of my favorite places for brunch in Marin! So many options and a beautiful view.
Sherri Richardson Says:
We just love this restaurant. The staff is very friendly and efficient. The food is great. Love the Fish Tacos and Truffle Fries. We usually go for Happy Hour and we are never disappointed.
Jane Cox Says:
Disappointed in the speed of service and temperature of the food. Fries arrived half cold, nachos arrived cold. Mai Thai lacked any sweetness. Took more than 15 minutes to get the server to ask for the check.

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