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Kip Nissen Says:
We stopped in for dinner while visiting my daughter. The restaurant has wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. The seating arrangement capitalizes on these views. The food and drinks are served timely, with the meal tasting well prepared. I recommend this place if looking for a higher class fare.
Boris Kindy Says:
We were two guys visiting from England. We found Hilltop 1892 while staying in Novato. The views at the top of the hill from the restaurant were great. It was Mother's Day in the US, which we were unaware of. Despite not booking, we were able to get a table without any problems. We were served by Kerry, and she was superb. The food was very good and the experience was a good one. Recommended.
Diane Ecker Says:
Food was good. Several vegetarian choices and G/F options. Nice location with a good view being oon the hill. Reason for only 3 stars is service. The staff was very nice & friendly, but not very attentive. Missing beverage ordered and never followed up for dessert. Maybe they were busy in the other dining room?
Todd Morrow Says:
What a great place! I just found out about this restaurant recently and I'm disappointed (in myself) that I didn't know about this place earlier. It's a very classy place with great views of charming lil Novato. As with any great place the service is excellent and hit has great menu and drink selections. Kinda funny because my wife and I ordered the same thing and it was excellent! The steak was juicy and full of flavor and it complimented our 12 year old whiskey very nicely.
ND Ong Says:
Have lived in Novato my whole life and this was my first time here. Great food and very patient staff. Definitely will be going back.

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